Community Peacemaker Teams: Nearly 1,000 Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan since January

The NGO CPT said that Turkish forces carried out nearly 1,000 air attacks against the Kurds of South Kurdistan during the first half of 2024. The Turkish attacks left 8 civilians dead.

Kamran Osman, coordinator of the NGO Community Peacemaker Teams (CPT), detailed the Turkish attacks during an interview with the Shafaq website on 15 June.

He said: "During the first six months of 2024, the Turkish army carried out 833 attacks and bombings in the KRI (Kurdish Region of Iraq), distributed as follows: 365 in Duhok, 356 in Erbil, 102 in Sulaymaniyah and 10 in Ninawa. (…) Over the past two days, 27 additional attacks have targeted various locations in Kurdistan, resulting in the deaths of eight civilians."