Day 12 of protests in Amed: Resistance will grow

The sit-in action launched in Amed to reclaim the usurped municipality continued on day 12.

On August 19 the AKP regime seized the metropolitan municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin by removing the democratically elected co-mayors and appointing trustees in their place.

In tandem with the operation against three municipalities, over 400 people were taken into custody as a result of house raids in dozens of cities. As protest demonstrations continue in three cities since August 19, police forces are systematically attacking the protesters, deputies and residents, and obstructing the journalists.

The sit-in action launched in Amed to reclaim the municipality continued on day 12. HDP deputies again took their place in the action which was today joined by Peace Mothers from Amed and Batman, Dicle Amed Women’s Platform (DAKAP), Batman Co-mayors Mehmet Demir and Songül Korkmaz, constituents of Free Women’s Movement (TJA), members of Democratic Islamic Congress (DIK), Human and Freedom Party President Mehmet Kamaç.

Speaking at the press conference, Human and Freedom Party President Mehmet Kamaç recalled Turkish President Erdoğan’s remark “Ballot is honor” and said; “He himself got his hands on ballots today. He got his hands on the honor of democracy.” He stressed that the struggle will continue until the trustees are sent back to Ankara.

Speaking after, HDP Batman provincial branch deputy co-chair İkram İrgi remarked that the trustee was an attack against the paradigm for ecology and women’s emancipation. İrgi continued; “AKP is afraid of the HDP. We will resist against this usurpation and genocide. This is the only option and solution. They should take their dirty hands off the Kurdish people’s will otherwise we will turn Kurdistan into an area of resistance as a whole.”

Mehmet Emin Ay on behalf of the Democratic Islamic Congress (DIK) said that while God let human free with regard to their will, AKP has seized the will of the Kurds in three metropolitan municipalities. He emphasised that they will be taking part in the struggle against trustees. “Those walking with the tyrants are sinner and criminal,” he added.