DBP: We will not take a step back in the face of attacks

The DBP has harshly condemned the racist attacks against Kurds insisting that the Kurdish people and politicians will not take a step back in the face of these attacks.

The Democratic Regions Party (DBP) has released a written statement concerning the increasing racist attacks against Kurds in Turkey in recent days. The DBP pointed out that the "AKP-MHP fascist regime" encouraged the attacks.

The party pointed out that these attacks stemmed from the discriminatory and aggressive language adopted by the AKP-MHP fascist regime, saying, “Those who cannot suppress the struggle of the Kurdish people socially and politically rely on hate speech, lynching attempts and racism. The hostile rhetoric and practices, polarizing and marginalizing discourses form the basis of the recent racist attacks. Fascist-paramilitary forces that take advantage of impunity, are attacking the Kurdish people in Afyon, Ankara, Konya and many other places.”

“Unless these racist attacks are prevented, the attackers will target all the peoples of Turkey, jeopardizing freedom of thought, fundamental rights and freedoms, equality and justice. We strongly condemn these fascist racist attacks against the Kurdish people in almost every part of Turkey,” the statement said.

“The Kurds can deliver a strong response to these racist attacks by linking their political and social forces together and by securing their national unity through democratic means and methods. As the Kurdish people and politicians, we will not take a step back in the face of these attacks, and we will continue to fulfil our responsibility,” the DBP statement added.