Delegation from Northern Syria in Scandinavia for talks

A high-ranking delegation from Northern Syria is in Scandinavia for talks at government level. They are discussing the Turkish occupation of Northern Syria, the situation in Idlib and the captured ISIS members.

Representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria are conducting diplomatic talks in Scandinavia. On Friday, the delegation visited the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, after which it went on to Sweden.

The group includes MSD co-chair Riyad Derar, MSD Executive Council co-chair Ilham Ehmed, Foreign Affairs Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria co-chair Abdulkarim Omar, Syriac Unity Party foreign policy spokesman Metin Rehawi and Şiyar Ali, spokesman of the Autonomous Administration in Scandinavia.

The delegation met in Stockholm with Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde and Interior Minister Mikael Damberg, both from the Social Democratic Labour Party (SAP). The discussion focused on the Turkish invasion of northern Syria and developments in Idlib. The delegation from Northern Syria informed the Swedish government representatives about the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Turkish occupation attacks in Rojava and called for assistance in caring for the displaced people.

They also discussed the question of an international tribunal to bring the imprisoned ISIS supporters in Northern Syria to justice.