Demos against Turkish threats in three Swiss cities

Kurds and their friends living in Switzerland protested against the threats of invasion issued by the Turkish state against Rojava.

Protests were held in Basel, Zurich and Lucerne. Messages of solidarity with the Kurdish people were expressed and the dirty policies of the occupying Turkish state were condemned.


A rally was organised by the Swiss Rojava Committee,  Ronahi Women's Assembly and Jinen Ciwanên Azad.

Activists marched in Dreirosenbrücke and then held a rally in Claramatte. Speakers demanded Switzerland to stop selling arms to Turkey. The protest ended with a call to join the rally in Strasbourg today.


Activists gathered in front of the central train station in the city of Zurich in a demo promoted by the Swiss Democratic Union of Power (IGDB).

IGDB representatives said: "As we defended Rojava together against the oppression of ISIS yesterday, we will defend Rojava today against the threat of invasion issued by the Turkish state."


A rally was held in Lucerne. Kurdish and Swiss left wing institutions joined the demonstration. Activists explained to people what is going on and the danger posed by the threats issued by Turkey against Rojava.