Deniz Gezmiş' brother, Hamdi, passed away today

Hamdi Gezmiş, the brother of revolutionary leader Deniz Gezmiş, died today.

Hamdi Gezmiş had suffered a brain haemorrhage last March and was in intensive care.

He was the brother of revolutionary Deniz Gezmiş who was hanged on 6 May 1972 together with Yusuf Aslan and Hüseyin Inan.

Bora Gezmiş, older brother of Hamdi, shared the news of his death on his social media account. “My brother Hamdi Gezmiş passed away this morning. Necessary information will be given about the funeral later.”

Hamdi Gezmiş will be buried at Karacaahmet Cemetery after a ceremony to be held at the Selimiye Mosque in Üsküdar, Istanbul, at 1.30 pm on Thursday.