Detained co-mayors: Political police operation to favour trustees

Mazıdağı, Savur and Derik Municipality co-mayors said: "We know that the operation was carried out to favour trustees." Suruç Municipality co-mayor Hatice Çevik's detention period was extended.

Municipality personnel met with lawyers of Savur municipality co-mayor Gülistan Öncü, Derik municipality co-mayor Mulkiye Esmez and Mazıdağı municipality co-mayor Nalan Özaydın who were taken into custody following a new political police operation on Friday.

The lawyers said the co-mayors are held on "the allegation of having carried out actions and activities on behalf of an illegal organization" and noted that all co-mayors are in good condition.

The lawyers said the arrests are antidemocratic and confirmed that the co-mayors are well aware that this new political police operation was carried out to favour trustees.

"The co-mayors are fine - said the lawyers - and are aware of the fact that this is an operation to favour trustees. The co-mayors know they have been chosen by the will of the people and that this will has been usurped."

Suruç municipality co-mayor taken to court

HDP Suruç municipality co-mayor Hatice Çevik was taken to court. After the health check, Çevik had her custody period extended for another two days.