Erdogan costs Germany 8.7 million Euros

Erdogan’s recent 3-day trip to Germany has cost the country in many ways. The trip cost Germany at least 8.7 million Euros, to have their values mocked by Erdogan.

Erdogan called people who fled his regime “terrorists”, demanded the journalists and politicians who have been granted political asylum in Germany, smiled at the journalist who was removed from the press conference for wearing a t-shirt that said “freedom for journalists” and “roared” at the slightest criticism.

Erdogan upset daily life in both Berlin the capital and Cologne, one of the largest cities in Germany. The country’s history now includes “A dictator was greeted on the red carpet” and “A fascist was allowed to put on a show in the country ravaged by fascism”. Below are some of the damages caused to Germany by Erdogan in his visit between September 27 and 29.

Erdogan didn’t even apologize for his comments in recent years like, “You are implementing Nazi practices”, “You are remnants of a fascist regime” and “I’ll heed what my people say, not what Hans says”.

Erdogan also trampled values Germany is proud of like press freedom and freedom of speech in every speech he gave, and Chancellor Angela Merkel and German state officials just watched.


What about the material damages? According to the newspaper Bild, at least 8.7 million Euros will be spent for the some 10.000 police officers working in Berlin and Cologne. The cost of the protocol and the reception held in the presidential palace for Erdogan, which had 100 guests and turned into Erdogan show, is not included in this.

Die Linke MP Sevim Dagdelen submitted a written inquiry to the Federal Parliament about the cost of Erdogan’s 3 day visit to the state. The inquiry should be responded to by the Merkel government in the coming days.


Erdogan issued a statement on Twitter yesterday and boasted of his visit to Germany. Erdogan said the “tumultuous time” between Turkey and Germany is over and they have come to an agreement with Chancellor Merkel about the disfunctional cooperation mechanisms starting to work again. Erdogan added:

“I believe that the state visit we held in Germany will strengthen the deep rooted friendship between Turks and Germans in every way. Our financial relationship with Germany will get ever more stronger. Turkey’s EU accession process should not be left to the whims of certain circles and their political obstruction. We value Germany’s support to Turkey in this matter.”

Erdogan gave Merkel a list of individuals the Turkish state demands extradition for, and the “cooperation mechanisms” he speaks of are mainly about intelligence, security and their joint fight against the Kurdish freedom movement. The cooperation between the Ankara regime and Berlin had come to almost a complete stop after July 15 in particular.