Finland in solidarity with Rojava

People took to the streets for Rojava in 5 Finnish cities.

Kurds and their friends took to the streets in 5 cities in Finland to mark 2 November World Resistance Day for Rojava.


In Helsinki, on the World resistance day 2nd of november, a demonstration was organized by the network for Kurdistan solidarity.

With the demonstration the activists wanted to show solidarity for the defenders of Rojava as well as to demand an end to the Turkish invasion. Hundreds of people attended despite the freezing weather. Speakers from few different organizations urged the global community, EU and Finnish government firsthand, to act in order to stop the genocide and humanitarian crisis caused by fascist Turkey. The need for a stronger solidarity between peoples was highlighted.

The activists then marched with a drumming group in the front and a sound system in the back. Lots of slogans against the war and fascist Turkey were chanted, and also “biji Rojava” and “jin, jiyan, azadi” were repeated to lift the fighting spirit of people. The march ended in a square where demonstrators sang together the anthem for Rojava. In the end everyone in the square was encouraged to boycott Turkey and its economy, especially the tourism.


In Vaasa tens of people joined a demonstration on the central square of the city. In the demonstration, a call was spread to boycott all Turkish products and tourism in the country. After the demonstration, Kurds and their Finnish supporters had a meeting together in which situation of
Kurdistan was discussed.


In Kokkola, people gathered to remember the martyrs of Resistance of Honor and civilian victims of the Turkish attacks. Candles were lit in the central square of the city.


In the city of Tampere, some a hundred people joined the call of Friends of Kurdistan Tampere to demonstrate on World Resistance Day. Demonstrators called upon the Finnish government to cancel all weapons exports permits that have been accepted already and to cut its economic and diplomatic ties to the fascist regime.


In Turku, the home town of UFC fighter Makwan Amirkhani, 70 people gathered for a manifestation in the center to listen to speeches and hand out flyers encouraging people that passed by to boycott Turkey.
Demands were the same as before: Finland should cancel all the 21 weapon deals made with Turkey, declare a no fly zone over Northern Syria, cut diplomatic ties with Turkey and impose a trade embargo on Turkey. People were speaking about the political stance made by Amirkhani for Rojava, and the importance of this.