Five people jailed in DTK investigation in Amed

Of the 75 people who were detained in the scope of an investigation against the Democratic Society Congress, 5 have been remanded in custody.

As many as 75 people were taken into custody last week in the scope of an investigation launched by Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office against the Democratic Society Congress (DTK). 21 lawyers detained in the operation were released on the same day of the arrests.

Eight other people were released from custody on Saturday, among them a lawyer, while Human Rights Association (IHD) Adıyaman branch chair Bülent Temel was released on Monday.

45 detainees have been referred to courthouse earlier today. While 40 of them were released on condition of judicial control, five were sent to prison for alleged “membership to a terrorist organisation”; Yılmaz Kan, Haknas Sadak, Diyaiddin Noyan, İrfan Kanğal and Turkish Medical Association Honorary Member Şeyhmus Gökalp.