Footage claimed to depict Turkish soldiers killed in Syria

The four dead soldiers are said to be from the Turkish army operating in Syria.

After the recent release of footage from Russian air raid on Turkish forces and militias in Nairab, Idlib, another footage has surfaced on social media, allegedly depicting Turkish soldiers killed in the area.

The four dead soldiers are wearing Turkish military uniforms. A person in the background says in Arabic: "These are Turkish soldiers." The condition of the bodies indicates that the persons in question were not killed in an air raid.

While the time and place of the video are unknown, Rojava based ANHA news agency reports that the video was shot in Nairab, east of Idlib. Neither the Turkish state nor the Syrian regime has commented on the incident yet. Due to the circulation of the footage, the Turkish state media were also forced to react and claimed that they were not Turkish soldiers but "FSA fighters". The question why then such militiamen wear Turkish equipment and uniforms remained unanswered.