Former co-mayor of Kömür municipality and Adıyaman businessman extradited to Turkey

Former HDP co-mayor of Kömür municipality, Hüseyin Yuka, and businessman Abuzer A. were extradited to Turkey.

Former HDP co-mayor of the municipality of Kömür in Adıyaman, Hüseyin Yuka, and Adıyaman businessman Abuzer A. were detained in Greece and handed over to Turkey in Edirne's İpsala district on Wednesday.

Yuka and Abuzer A., who were taken to Edirne Provincial Gendarmerie Command, were later brought to Adıyaman.

Yuka and Abuzer A. were remanded in custody by the Adıyaman Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, and have been held in Adıyaman Provincial Gendarmerie Command for two days.