Four parts of Kurdistan meet in Lausanne

On the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne 99 years ago, a conference organised by the KNK and other Kurdish organisations is taking place in Switzerland today in the building where the treaty was signed.

The treaty signed 99 years ago in Lausanne, Switzerland, divided Kurdistan into four parts. Since then, the Kurds have been subjected to genocide, assimilation and massacres under the sovereignty of another state in each part of Kurdistan. Under the leadership of the KNK (National Congress of Kurdistan), 57 political parties and organisations are jointly organising a conference to take a stand against the Treaty of Lausanne from a Kurdish perspective. The conference kicked off in the building where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed.

Numerous politicians, artists and academics from the four parts of Kurdistan and the diaspora are participating in the conference at Rumine Palace in Ripponne Square.

The conference began with a minute’s silence, after which KNK Co-chair Ahmet Karamus greeted the participants. The council was made up of Zübeyir Aydar, Aziz Memli, Dilşah Osman and Blase Jabbar Ferman.

Karamus stated that all the institutions and personalities attending the conference would manifest their stance against the Treaty of Lausanne.

Following a cinevision screening detailing the treaty, Abdulkadir Omar from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) made the first speech. The conference continues.