Gangs in Idlib: Erdogan sold us out

The gangs in Idlib allied to Turkey are starting to confess to their relationship with Erdogan and that Erdogan has “sold them out”.

It has been documented several times that ISIS, Al Nusra and most of the gangs involved in the Syrian civil war were answering to Turkey, and that the gangs used Urfa, Antep, Hatay and several other provinces in Turkey for training, logistics, ammunition and as bases. Various other documents obtained from the gangs and the gang members’ confessions also confirmed this.

The operation launched against the gangs gathered in Idlib as per an agreement between Turkey and Russia caused the gangs to turn on their own allies. The gangs started to confess to their relationship with Erdogan and their deals with Russia through Erdogan.


In a voice recording from a gang member who is presumed to be in Idlib, the gang member confesses to Erdogan’s relationship with gangs.

The following striking confessions can be heard in the recording: “Erdogan tricked us with some money, some meat and some chicken in return for Hama, Homs, Xuta, Aleppo and several other areas we controlled, and he brought us to Idlib. Now he will sell us out once again in Idlib. There were no issues between us Arabs and Kurds before this. There was no enmity. We used to be brothers and friends. Erdogan made us their enemy. He made us attack Kurds. Now the Kurds would be right whatever they do to us and the Syrian opposition. We are no strangers to Erdogan’s policies, Erdogan is doing today what the Ottomans did to run things for 400 years.”


The gang member voices regret by the end of the recording and says: “Don’t trust Turks, ever. Because the Turks call us Arabs ‘the dirty folk’ to begin with.”