Germany criticised appointment of trustees

The silence of the German government about Turkey regime was finally broken with criticism of the appointment of trustees to HDP-run municipalities. Respecting the election results is a prerequisite for democracy, said government official Bärbel Kofler.

In August, the AKP-MHP government appointed trustees to several HDP municipalities. This started with the dismissal of the co-mayors of Van, Amed and Mardin, a practice which led to condemnation from many Western countries, especially within the European Union.

However, the German government, which maintains political and economic relations with the Ankara regime, had so far ignored the issue of the appointment of trustees.

"We are concerned about the dismissal of the mayors who took office following the 31 March elections", said Bärbel Kofler, Human Rights Officer of the Federal Government under Angela Merkel's prime ministry.

The government is always ‘worried‘

In a statement on the official website of the German Foreign Ministry, Kofler said that respect for the outcome of democratic elections is a precondition for a functioning democracy. The dismissal of elected mayors in Turkey and the arrest are "anxiously watched" said the government official, adding: "The Turkish government needs to observe the basic principles of the rule of law and human rights due to its international responsibilities. Decreasing opportunities for democratic participation raises the threat that radical movements will benefit."

It was noticed that the statement came from Kofler instead as from Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

The municipalities of Amed, Mardin, Van, Hakkari, Yuksekova, Kulp, Kayapinar, Bismil, Kocakoy, Karayazi, Nusaybin, Ercis, Cizre, Saray and Kızıltepe have been appointed trustees, following the dismissal of democratically and freely elected HDP co-mayors who have been arrested.

Despite this, Foreign Minister Maas, who was in Ankara last week, remained silent about the bad human rights record of the Turkish state, from the appointment of trustees to the crimes in North-East Syria.