Germany deports Spanish activist, citing a link with the Kurds

Germany expelled Maria V., a Spanish activist who supports the Kurdish liberation struggle and barred her from entering the country for the next 20 years. They cited Maria's command of Kurdish and her use of her expertise for the Kurds as a reason.

With a latest decision made by the state's security units, the policy of prohibition and criminalization of the Kurdish freedom movement, which is now in its 28th year in Germany, has taken on a new dimension.

The German government approved a scandalous judgment and evicted a Spanish activist named Maria V. on the grounds that she was working in connection with Kurdish organizations and institutions. Maria V., who was deported to Spain, will be barred from entering Germany for the next 20 years.

Disregarding the rule that "any citizen can live in any nation" that applies to citizens of European Union (EU) member states, the German state imposed a "20-year entry restriction" on an EU citizen for the first time, citing a link with the Kurds.

It is also worth noting that this practice, carried out for the first time by Germany against an internationalist who supports the Kurdish people's freedom struggle, coincided with the 25th anniversary of the German PKK ban, which has been in effect since November 26, 1993.


Maria V., who spoke to ANF about the German authorities' deportation decision, revealed that she learned about it in October when she was summoned to the Police Headquarters in Halle, Saxen State.

Maria V. recalled that three plainclothes policemen had delivered her a notification regarding the deportation order made by the Immigration Office in Magdeburg, saying, "They informed me I had 30 days to leave the country, and because this term ended today, I had to leave Germany."

The Spanish activist stated that she was subjected to an arbitrary application by state security units because the decision was not made by any court or judicial unit, and she provided the following information regarding the scandalous statements in the decision: “My command of Kurdish, visit to Kurdish institutions and participation in demonstrations and panels about Kurds were cited as a justification in my deportation order. Despite the fact that I have no family relations in Germany, it is alleged that I have lived here for years and am ideologically literate and that it is a crime to use my knowledge/experience for the Kurds."

Noting that her participation in the March 8 demonstrations for International Working Women's Day and her resistance at Hambacher Forst, one of Germany's well-known environmental movements, were cited as reasons for the deportation decision, Maria V. stated, "All of the accusations brought against me by the Saksen-Anhalt Administration were carried out with permission. Demonstrations that are entirely lawful and peaceful. Despite the fact that I have no illegal activity in Germany, they deported me. As a result, I will oppose this illegal judgment; we have already appealed the decision through my lawyer, and the legal process has begun."


Maria V, who indicated that she was subjected to such a practice as a result of her internationalist stance and support for the Kurdish people's struggle, stated, "I want the state terror that is practiced against the Kurdish people to end, and I want the Kurds to live free and equal like other peoples. However, it is a crime in Germany for a Spanish to seek such a thing and to learn Kurdish at a high level in order to appreciate the situation of the Kurds. The German state tries to intimidate the internationalists, and their objective is to cut off the relations of activists with the Kurdish people."

Drawing attention to the fact that the deportation decision coincided with November 26, Maria V. continued: “It is no coincidentce, in my opinion, that this decision was enforced on November 26, the anniversary of the PKK ban. But, through you, I want to send the Kurdish people the following message: ‘Such illegal activities will not deter me or other activists/internationalists from supporting your struggle wherever we are.’”