Hakkari Governor extended ban on public events for another month

Hakkari Governorate has extended the ban on actions and activities for another month in the city.

The Governorate of Hakkari once again extended the ban on actions and activities in the city, thus continuing to carry on the prohibition.

The statement said: "It is known that the PKK, MKP, TKEP/L, MLKP and some terrorist organizations united under the name of HBDH (Peoples' Unified Revolution Movement) are planning events to commemorate the anniversary of their creation. Top cadres of terrorist organizations and the sympathies of terrorist organizations may be in search of social turmoil, and may be seeking to turn legal meetings and demonstration, marches and social events into something different."

The statement added: "Except for the activities to be deemed appropriate by the Governor and District Governor's offices, within the boundaries of Hakkari Province (including the provincial center, external districts and Gendarmerie responsibility zones) a ban is imposed between 17 August at midnight and 15 September at 11.59 pm. During the 30-days ban any public meeting, demonstration, march, sit-in, hunger strike, tent action, press release, stand opening actions and other activities is prohibited in public spaces, squares, streets, parks."