HBDH claims action against National Beka Movement

HBDH Alper Çakas Revenge Unit claimed responsibility for an action in Darica, Kocaeli on 2 July.

The United Peoples Revolution Movement (HBDH) Alper Çakas Revenge Unit said in a written statement that it “carried out the action in Darıca, Kocaeli targeting a meeting attended by Erdogan's advisor Ahmet Oruç and the National Beka Movement. One person was injured but more might have been wounded, although the exact number could not be established”.

The statement continued: “In the same region, Suat Gündüz, one of the heads of the fascist gang called the National Beka Movement, was shot by our armed forces on 9 July 2020 while sitting on the balcony of his home. Suat Gündüz was trained in the ranks of jihadist gangs for a while and he participated in massacres against the oppressed peoples together with the AKP - Jihadist groups. Our units, could not establish the fate of Suat Gündüz, but returned safely to base.”

The National Beka Movement and dozens of institutions connected to the palace are fascist paramilitary forces. These gang organizations, said the HBDH “have been allocated millions of dollars to secure the palace and keep it alive. With this action, we salute the freedom guerrillas who are writing a historical resistance in Heftanîn. We will hit fascism in every area we are, both in the mountains and cities.”