HBDH: Let's raise the united revolution flag against fascism

The HBDH said: “We must fight to defeat fascism by mobilizing all our forces in all the areas we are in. It is our aim to target fascism everywhere and defeat it.

The Peoples’ Joint Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Steering Committee, said in a statement: “The fascist government launched a comprehensive airstrike on Medya Defense Areas, Maxmur Camp, and Shengal on 15 June. Then, on 17 June, it launched an invasion attack by land in Heftanin. The fascist regime is against all kinds of achievements and democratic gains of the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan. With the military operations and attacks it carries out in the region, the fascist Turkish regime has become an agent of great instability in the Middle East territory. The occupation politicy, which has been pursued recently in Libya, Idlib, Rojava and South Kurdistan, is an expression of the fascism's quest to become a regional power.”

The statement continued: “The fascist power targets the achievements of the Kurdish people and its democratic gains. Ignoring the Kurds is the general approach of fascism to target all its achievements. The fascist regime, which is experiencing a great economic crisis, is looking for military operations within its borders and beyond.”

The statement added: “The demand for democracy within the country clearly erodes the walls of fascism. Lawmakers are arrested, trustees are appointed to municipalities, and anyone seeking rights is declared a terrorist. It is the duty of the united revolutionary forces to respond with total resistance to this total attack.”

The statement ended with the following remarks: “In the light of all these developments, we will raise the united revolution flag against the occupation and war policies of fascism.

We must fight to defeat fascism by mobilizing all our forces against it in all areas we are in.”