HBDH Süleyman Cihan Militia claim that they carried out a sabotage action Aydın

The HBDH Süleyman Cihan Militia claimed that they carried out a sabotage action against a "fascist government supporter" paper factory in Aydın.

In a written statement, the People's United Democratic Movement (HBDH) Süleyman Cihan Militia said: “We will not only target the fascist state and institutions of power. All supporters of fascist oppression are also the target of the righteous anger of our working people. As the HBDH militia, we carry out sabotage actions against these groups everywhere.”

HBDH militias said that they carried out a sabotage action against the Kipaş Paper factory in Aydın-Söke, around 4pm on 27 July, and said: "Fire-fighting helicopters were used next to dozens of fire trucks to extinguish the fire."

The statement continued: “Kipaş Holding is a company of exploiters that openly supports the fascist government and 'proudly announces' it to the whole world on its promotional pages. Its owner is Mehmet Hanefi Öksüz, known for his closeness to Erdoğan. This fascist persecution partner, one of the permanent donors of the Mehmetçik Foundation, became the target of our militias.

Kipaş, Ülker and many more holdings are responsible for this unbearable misery of the workers and our poor people, as much as Koç-Sabanci. The reason for our poverty is this exploitation system. We struggle to destroy this fascism and exploitation system. At the same time, our struggle is to defend the usurped rights of the worker. Our actions are to 'disturb' the capitalists. They are attacks on 'private property'.”