HBIM assumes responsibility for sabotage against Izmir hotels

A group calling themselves Peoples’ United Vengeance Militia (HBIM) announced that they carried out a sabotage action at the Grand Efe Hotel and hotels in the vicinity in Izmir.

A message signed “Peoples’ United Vengeance Militia” said, “We carried out a sabotage action against the Grand Efe Hotel and hotels in its vicinity in the area known as the hotels zone in the Menderes district of Izmir. Two hotels were evacuated as a result of our action.”

The group said they will continue to target tourist businesses in the area and called on local and foreign tourists to leave.

The group said they won’t stand for part of the country living in palace luxury while the other part suffers tyranny, hunger and massacres, pointing to the suicides caused by poverty, systemic harassment and rape suffered by women, inhumane practices against workers and the massacres suffered by Kurds.

The group called on the government and said, “You will face the truth and pain of the dirty war you wage,” and called on the oppressed, the workers, the women and the youth to stand against fascism.

HBIM also assumed responsibility for a sabotage action against the area with television transmitters on the Liman Hill in the Palamutbuku region of Mugla’s Datca district on June 29.