HDP asks government about fate of paid teachers in COVID-19 time

The HDP pointed out that the AKP is leaving paid teachers without salary during the coronavirus emergency.

HDP Education Policies, Sports and Culture and Art Commission Spokesperson, Sevtap Akdağ Karahalı, said that the fate of paid teachers is still unclear as schools closed due to the coronavirus emergency, but no decision has been taken as to what will happen to their salaries or how they would be paid.

In a written statement Karahalı said: "Minister Ziya Selçuk answered the question regarding the fate and status of paid teachers, by saying that, according to the legislation, paid teachers can only be paid for the courses they are giving, and therefore nothing can be done."

The statement also added: "The responsibility of the minister and the government is to ensure 80 thousand education workers are not left without salaries. In order to ensure this, changes in the legislation should be quickly made."