HDP delegations visit hundreds of villages

The HDP continues its grassroots exchanges, visiting 1653 villages in the Kurdish regions of Amed and Serhad and in Çukurova last month.

Politicians from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) visited 1,653 villages in the Amed, Serhad and Çukurova regions last month and listened to the problems of the people. The visits took place within the framework of the campaign "We are the HDP, we are everywhere". Under this slogan, various events and discussion rounds had already taken place in July and August, at which deputies and members of the party's executive committee sought dialogue with urban civil society. In September, visits to the villages were on the agenda. The members of parliament and local politicians accepted invitations from individual families, held meetings and took part in events.

The insights gained in the process have resulted in the "Roadmap for Justice, Democracy and Peace" presented at the end of September, with which the HDP has defined its further strategy for the democratization of Turkey.

Meanwhile, the visits to the villages continue under the slogan "Time for Freedom." Today, a group from the HDP visited the villages of Hespîst and Xêrabê Şerefa in Idil, Şırnak province  and was enthusiastically received. In addition to MP Nuran Imir and members from the district executive committee, women from the Peace Mothers Initiative and activists from the Free Women's Movement TJA were also present. The group informed the people in the villages about their campaign and asked the people about their demands and problems.

Commenting on the visit, HDP deputy Nuran Imir said: "The HDP stands for the spirit of freedom. Even if all doors are closed to us, we continue to be on the streets in the midst of the people as elected representatives. Against the Kurdish-hostile power bloc, we are building an alliance of friendship, conviction and peoples. Despite everything, we will form a democracy alliance."