HDP deputy Şık attacked in Parliament by AKP deputies

The HDP deputy was prevented from delivering his speech in which he voiced the truths about the rulers of the country.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Istanbul deputy Ahmet Şık was prevented from delivering his speech in parliament by AKP deputies.

The speech of Şık on the Amendments to some Laws and Decrees, was interrupted by AKP deputies who attacked him as he voiced the truths about the rulers of the country. The session was interrupted for 5 minutes. Ahmet Şık was given a warning, and then banned from two sessions in the Parliament.

Among other things, Şık said: "I will not go into a content discussion on the legal basis of the law proposal. You have tried to make law a weapon, the judge a trigger.

With this new law draft you are putting forward, you are nothing but a simple cartoon of coup plotters.

It is not surprising that you proclaimed the OHAL as a measure against the coup d'état to further strengthen your actual form of government, which has been ruling to this day, to justify your power of evil and to justify your persecution.

The State has responsibilities and individuals have rights. In Turkey, on the contrary, the State has always had only authorities. The State of your rule has become an usurper of individuals’ rights.

In our country, today there is no single citizen that has the right to live pursuant to laws defined by global norms.”

Şık gave the following examples of the crimes and irregularities committed by the State;

Short before the June 24 elections, three members of Şenyaşar family were killed and the murderers have been protected despite the presence of dozens of witnesses, video footage and clear evidences. The surviving members of the family had to leave their home in Suruç.

Elected representatives of the people, including HDP former co-chairs Figen Yüksekdağ and Selahattin Demirtaş, are jailed on the basis of lame excuses.

Any effort possible is being made to keep deputies Enis Berberoğlu and Leyla Güven in jail.

With the strength they draw from impunity, could the perpetrators of Roboski massacre be planning new massacres behind closed doors?

Isn’t your political responsibility for Soma massacre and other workplace murders being covered up in the corridors of your courthouses?

Turkey is now a so-called Republic where laws have been put aside.

The President of the country is not accredited by the half of the nation. Similarly, he doesn’t rely on the half of the nation.

Your arrogance over being the ruler is remolded with lies and ignorance.

Your helplessness feeds your aggressiveness towards those who tell the truth.

Your immorality does not suffice, and you bolster it with shamelessness.

Pity that only these are your values that keep you standing.”