HDP holds ‘Democratic Republic Conference’ in Istanbul

The ‘Democratic Republic Conference’ organised by the HDP has started in Istanbul. At the two-day event, well-known personalities will discuss the hundred-year history and the future of the Republic of Turkey.

The ‘Democratic Republic Conference’ organised by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is taking place in Istanbul this weekend. 500 people have been invited to the two-day conference, which includes eight thematic blocks.

HDP co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar gave welcoming speeches in which they addressed the aim of the conference. Sancar said: "We are at a critical threshold. Large sections of society are looking for a way out. At the beginning of the new century, the goal of the democratic republic is to walk together. The goal is equal citizenship. The republic has important features and achievements. The main thing is that citizenship is introduced on an equal basis. However, the opposite has been the case with us. Identities have only been recognised within the framework tolerated by the state. Turkey has moved away from being a society. Serious efforts are needed to become a society and build a free life. For this, a social contract will be necessary, which must be created with the greatest possible participation. We must all think and act together. Overcoming the monistic mentality is a must for a free society. Our goal as a party is to prevent the regime that the ruling bloc is trying to establish. We need politics where the whole society wins."

Pervin Buldan said in her opening speech that the constant crises in Turkey are caused by a system that completely excludes democracy: "The monist hegemony of a thinking that excludes all beliefs, identities and differences is the main cause of the historical collapse of the country today. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that the second century of the republic is marked by a strong social peace and the rights of the working people. We can move towards this goal together with a new political spirit. It is not about political victories, but about bringing the era of democracy to 85 million people who want to live in an equal and free country. The unresolved Kurdish question is the source of all problems and is a gap that prevents the meeting of the republic with democracy. If we see this gap, we can solve the Kurdish question democratically and peacefully. Exposing the truth, settling accounts and healing social wounds are the best guarantee that the same sufferings will not be repeated. A republic can only become democratic through the freedom and equality of women. We can achieve this with a new social contract based on rights and equal citizenship. It is up to all of us to make this possibility a reality and to realise the dream of those who were excluded in the first hundred years. We will continue to come together with our differences. We must contribute to a democratic republic. A new life is calling us, not the status quo and restoration. The new era belongs to the peoples of Turkey."