HDP Muş MP Koçyiğit: The HDP is the guarantor of unity and peace

The 'March for Democracy against the Coup' launched by the HDP from Hakkari has arrived in Amed, despite all attempts to stop it.

HDP Muş MP Gülüstan Kılıç Koçyiğit spoke to ANF about the purpose of the march. For a long time, said Koçyiğit, Turkey has been governed under what seems more and more a fascist regime. "Our march started on June 15 from Hakkari and continues with enthusiasm despite everything. Our people greeted us everywhere with joy. This is very important to us.”

Koçyiğit said: “Both us and our democracy forces and people find this march very meaningful. Turkey is ruled by fascism and we struggle under these conditions. This march means objection to fascism and struggle with society. It brings together all segments of the society for freedom and democracy."

Emphasizing that they were subjected to many pressures during the march, Koçyiğit added: "They wanted to prevent our march in Hakkari first. When we entered Van, they detained many of our friends. We were beaten there. They sprayed us with pepper gas from a short distance. Many of our friends were affected by the gas. However, and despite everything, we can clearly say that these practices will not be able to get us out of the way. This march will be successful.”

The Mus MP continued: "The ‘March for Democracy against the Coup’ also addresses the issue of national unity in Kurdistan. We have received important information that in Rojava unity has been achieved. We believe that this march will contribute to the establishing of our national unity in Kurdistan and of democratic unity in Turkey. The AKP-MHP will disappear thanks to our struggle against fascism.”

Underlining that the HDP is the guarantor of peace and unity for the country, Koçyiğit said: "If the HDP did not exist, the country would be in a very different situation now. If there is still something in this country which can be called unity, freedom and democracy, it is thanks to the democracy forces fighting with the HDP. Therefore, the efforts to criminalize the HDP are in vain. We are marching for democracy, freedom and unity.”