HDP Yamar labels attack on Bakırköy office a provocation

Reacting to the release of S.A. the attacker of the HDP Bakırköy Provincial building, co-chair Ferdi Yamar said: "The attacker was almost rewarded."

S.A. attacked HDP Bakırköy Provincial building at 4 am on 10 August. He was released on condition of judicial control by the Bakırköy 3rd Criminal Magistrate's Office. The court concluded that the attacker S.A. should sign at the police station once a week and should stay at least 200 meters from the HDP Bakırköy building.

The contradictory statements made by S.A., accused of "damaging property", drew attention. In his statement to the Kartaltepe Police Headquarters after being detained, S.A. stated that he did not support the HDP and that he wanted to become a member of the AKP, but threw stones at the HDP building because he was not accepted. However, he never mentioned the AKP membership issue in court. S.A. said in his statements to Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and Bakırköy 3rd Criminal Magistrate's Office that he was drunk on the night of the incident, that he had been on the street for about 4-5 months in Istanbul. He said that he thought the HDP may help him and he destroyed the door of the building and threw 8-12 stones at the windows at 4 am in the morning because of his current psychological condition.

HDP Ferdi Yamar said: “Which police station will a man saying he is homeless go to sign to? This man clearly could flee. And in fact, releasing him knowing he has no fix address means to let him flee.”

Yamar added that they do not know whether the attacker will attack party’ members tomorrow: “Any fascist attack against the HDP Bakırköy district building or another office or against our friends could happen. The state that tolerates these attacks and the judiciary that acquits the responsible of the attacks will be held responsible should anything else happen."