HPG: 22 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions

At least 22 Turkish soldiers have been killed in actions of the HPG guerrillas in Northern and Southern Kurdistan.

The Press Office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) announced in a statement that at least 22 soldiers of the Turkish military have died as result of guerrilla actions in Northern and Southern Kurdistan.

Fourteen soldiers were killed in the Heftanin region of Southern Kurdistan, which has been attacked by the Turkish army since 15 June as part of an occupation offensive. Regarding the details of the actions, the HPG said: "On June 26, our forces hit an enemy unit in the area of Şeşdara. Two soldiers were killed by the effective strikes. On June 29, our air defence units carried out an action against the occupying forces on Hill Şehîd Bêrîvan at about 11.45 am. Details will be announced at a later date.

About two hours later, on Hill Xantur, our forces targeted an enemy unit trying to infiltrate the area of Dola Beraza. The unit was fired upon from close range, leaving ten soldiers dead. Our forces observed the battle zone until the evening hours and also targeted military units that moved to the area to reinforce them. The fighting continued into the night of Tuesday, and more information will be released as soon as it is available.

At about 14.30 on Hill Dupişk an enemy soldier was shot by a sniper. At about 16.30, another sniper action took place on Hill Katosulê, also leaving one soldier dead."

Actions in Xakurke

The HPG hit the Turkish army forces on Hill Koordine on Monday. The hill, located on the border of Xakurke, is one of the headquarters of the Turkish army in the region and is an important coordination centre for the attacks on the Medya Defense Zones: "The action was carried out around 12.30 p.m. and targeted the positions and shelters of enemy soldiers. One position was completely destroyed and four soldiers were killed here. Following the action, the casualties were evacuated from the area under the protection of Sikorsky transport helicopters.”

On the same day, the Turkish occupying army launched an occupation operation in the area between the Lêlîkan and Kevortê hills. Our forces responded twice with sabotage actions that resulted in the death of three soldiers.

Air raids on Zap region

HPG also announced that the region of Zap in Medya Defense Zones has again been bombed by the Turkish air force. The air strikes took place yesterday afternoon around 2:30 pm and hit the Saca region. There were no casualties to the side of the guerrillas.

At least one soldier killed in Şemdinli

In the Şemdinli district of Hakkari province, guerrillas have targeted the Turkish military twice since Sunday. The actions took place on the occasion of the "revolutionary offensive in memory of martyrs Bager and Ronya".

On Sunday, a soldier was shot by a sniper on Hill Leylek. Yesterday HPG units hit the Turkish soldiers on Hill Cibri. Cibri is one of the security hills of the Bezelê military base. It was not possible to determine how many soldiers were killed and injured during the action.