HPG guerrilla martyred in ambush by Iranian forces

HPG guerrilla Dijwar Elbak from Van was martyred in Rojhilat in an ambush by the Iranian regime forces near Kotol on the border with Van.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) announced the death of guerrilla fighter Dijwar Elbak in an ambush by troops of the Iranian regime in Eastern Kurdistan. According to the HPG, the attack took place at the end of December in Kotol (Qatur), west of Xoy (Khoy). The village is not far from the Iranian-Turkish border opposite Van.

The ID details of the fallen HPG guerrilla are as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Dijwar Elbak
First-Last Name: Ergin Demir
Birthplace: Van
Mother's-Father's Name: Şefika – Enver
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 26 December 2023 / Kotol

Dijwar Elbak was born in the province of Van in northern Kurdistan. His family belongs to the Xanoyî tribe. He grew up in an environment characterized by Kurdish culture in the district of Başkale and left school at an early age in order to support his financially disadvantaged parents. For a time, he worked as a smuggler and brought various goods across the borders of the quadripartite Kurdistan. The experience he gained while trading across dangerous pass routes would later stand him in good stead with the guerrillas.

Dijwar Elbak had known the guerrillas practically his entire life. He was also very familiar with the reality of war, oppression and humiliation in Kurdistan, which he encountered particularly frequently during his military service in the Turkish army. Even after his military service, he had experiences that shaped his view of the state and its institutions, such as the Turkish police attack on the Newroz celebrations in Van in 2008, in which three people were killed, dozens injured, and hundreds arrested. Many of the victims and those affected were older women who were involved as peace mothers.

Dijwar Elbak joined the guerrillas in 2011 after the murder of six members of the HPG in a chemical weapons attack by the Turkish military in the Botan region. He gained his first practical experience in the Qandil mountains in South Kurdistan, where he stayed for the next few years. With the resumption of total war by the Turkish state in the wake of Tayyip Erdogan's unilateral termination of the dialog process with Abdullah Öcalan, Dijwar Elbak moved to the central party school Mazlum Doğan in the summer of 2015 to deepen his ideological knowledge.

Dijwar Elbak later went to the military academy named after Mahsum Korkmaz and further expanded his knowledge of the art of war. Until his death, he was deployed in various regions of the Medya Defense Zones, where he practiced the tactics of modern guerrilla warfare. HPG describes Dijwar Elbak as a selfless fighter and representative of Apoist militancy, expressing its condolences to his relatives and the Kurdish people.