HPG guerrilla Michael Panser commemorated in his birth town

News of the martyrdom of German HPG guerrilla Michael Panser (Bager Nujiyan) reached his hometown of Potsdam last week.

Panser was commemorated with a very crowded events the day before his birthday in his city. Potsdam, the capital of the state of Brandenburg, located in the eastern part of Germany, had not hosted such a mass Kurdish demonstration in years.

The events, organized by friends living in Potsdam, began with a press release in front of the monument erected for the revolutionaries who lost their lives during the Spanish civil war. Cumali Şaylemez, father of Leyla Şaylemez, one of the three Kurdish revolutionaries who were killed in Paris in 2013, made a short speech.

Then the crowd walked to Treffpunkt Freizeit square behind a giant banner with a photo of Panser and PKK flag. The crowd chanted slogans as “Bijî HPG”, “Bijî Serok Apo”, “Bijî PKK”, “Bijî YPG / YJP".

Germany pays, Erdoğan bombs!

One of the slogan most chanted by the crowd was 'Germany pays, Erdoğan bombs'.

Scuffles erupted between the police and the activists, when the police tried to seiz the PKK and YPG/YPJ flgas.

An activist was detained but the march continued and reached the Brandenburg State Assembly as planned.

Michael Panser's friends made speeches at the rally. Reminding that Panser had joined the struggle for freedom and the guerrilla ranks in Kurdistan a friend said: "The best way to keep his memory alive is to walk the path he went."

Michael Panser, who had a history of struggle going back to Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Nicaragua, joined the PKK ranks in 2017.

The HPG had sent a message to Panser's family. “Dear Panser family, we are very proud of Comrade Bager Nujiyan, a symbol of the struggle for freedom”.

Michael Panser was martyred during a Turkish air raid carried out on the Medya Defense Areas on 14 December 2018.