HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Arîn Êrîş

Guerrilla Arîn Êrîş died five years ago in the resistance against the Turkish occupation in the Medya Defense Areas. The HPG paid tribute to the martyr as a courageous advocate of a revolutionary life.

Guerrilla Arîn Êrîş fell as a martyr five years ago in the resistance against the Turkish occupation in the Medya Defense Areas. The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) said in a statement on the anniversary of her death. The HPG paid tribute to Arîn Êrîş saying she was a determined guerrilla of the Free Women's Units (YJA Star) and a courageous advocate of the PKK and PAJK and expressed their condolences to her family and the people of Kurdistan. The HPG provided the following information on the martyr:

 Code name: Arîn Êrîş

 First and last name: Necbir Budak

 Place of birth: Amed

 Names of mother and father: Amine - Hüseyin

 Date and place of death: 13/6/2019 / Medya Defense Areas

Arîn Êrîş was born in Amed and grew up in an environment close to the Kurdish freedom movement, aware of her Kurdish identity. Due to the Turkish state's policy of expulsion and repression, her family moved to a Turkish city and Arîn lived outside Kurdistan from the age of twelve. In her youth, she became increasingly aware of the role assigned to women in society and the discrimination against Kurds in Turkey. She was involved in the Kurdish youth movement and at the same time worked to support her family. During this time, she read analyses by Abdullah Öcalan on women's issues, which opened up new perspectives and offered her orientation. After an uncle of hers joined the guerrillas, she followed his path to the mountains to fight for the survival of her people as a free woman.

Arîn Êrîş joined the guerrillas in 2013 in her birthplace Amed and went to the Medya Defense Areas, where she took part in training for new fighters in Metîna. She was impressed by the collective life, the comradely relationships and the nature of Kurdistan and viewed joining the guerrillas as a first step towards freedom. She took part in the training with great enthusiasm and a self-critical approach. She questioned her own personality and struggled with herself because she wanted to develop further. She then took part in the practical work in Metîna and showed great care and sensitivity in all tasks.

In 2014, Arîn became part of the special unit Hêzên Taybet, which requires explicit willingness to make sacrifices and ideological depth. She underwent intensive training in which she dealt with the ideology of women's liberation and improved her military skills. As a now competent fighter of the YJA Star, she also gave lessons herself. She was a learner and a teacher and viewed every moment of life as an area of ​​education.

When the Turkish state unilaterally broke off the peace process in 2015 and started a new campaign of annihilation against the Kurdish people and their freedom movement, many fighters consciously accepted their own death when planning defensive actions. Arîn also agreed to do this. She came to Xakurke and was involved in successful actions there. In addition to her military service, she was an unyielding advocate of revolutionary life and fought continuously against the male dominance mentality that had been established for thousands of years.

She took on a leading role in the resistance against the occupation of the guerrilla areas by Turkey. On 13 June 2019, she played a key role in an operation that resulted in heavy losses for the Turkish army. "Our comrade Arîn fought bravely and selflessly against the enemy and joined the caravan of the martyrs in this operation," said the HPG.