Huge poster in Hamburg invites people to join Kobanê World Day

Kobanê has become a global symbol of the struggle for a free and democratic world. In autumn 2014, the Rojava revolution against Islamic State was successfully defended in Kobanê.

Since then, democratic self-government has not only expanded to large areas of northern Syria, but it has also become a source of inspiration for people and movements around the world who are fighting for a fairer world.

In 2014, November 1st was proclaimed World Kobanê Day. This year a global week of action begins on November 1st under the motto “From Kobanê to the World: Rise up against Fascism!”.

A rally with cultural contributions will take place in Hamburg on Sunday from 3 pm in front of the autonomous Rote Flora center in the Sternschanze.

Since Thursday evening, a large wall poster inviting participants to participate has been emblazoned on the building.


The organizers call for solidarity with Rojava and draw attention to the serious danger of a further invasion of Turkey in northern Syria.

The appeal states:

“The Rojava revolution is still in jeopardy. Even if the IS was militarily defeated in North East Syria, its fascist ideology is still alive. On the contrary: in the areas occupied by Turkey in particular, jihadists continue to wreak havoc, terrorizing those who think differently, committing war crimes and carrying out ethnic cleansing.

The Turkish state not only promotes the ideology of IS in Syria, but is currently active as a warmonger in a large number of countries in the region. After the military aggression in Libya, South Kurdistan and Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkish war policy is once again turning to areas in North East Syria. The city of Ayn Issa has been attacked repeatedly in the past few days and only the decisive defensive action of the local local forces has so far been able to prevent a larger extent of the conflict. But the danger of further occupation attacks and the associated displacement of thousands upon thousands of people remains eminent.

We therefore call everyone to bring our solidarity with the fighting people of Rojava to the streets in Hamburg too! November 1st is the start of an international week of action with a daily focus. Come to the rally on Sunday, stay safe and show solidarity, keep social distance and wear masks."