KON-MED calls on people to join actions for World Kobanê Day

KON-MED called for participation in the events that will be held in many German cities with the slogan "The Rojava Revolution is our common revolution, its defense is our common responsibility" on 1 November, World Kobanê Day.

The Confederation of Kurdistan Communities of Germany (KON-MED) issued a written statement on the occasion of 1 November, World Kobanê Day.

In the statement, which emphasized that Kobanê has become the symbol of free and democratic struggle, the victory against ISIS in the autumn of 2014 was reminded.

The statement said that the Democratic Autonomous Administration model has not only spread to large areas in northern Syria since that day, but has been a source of inspiration for all forces of democracy working for a just world.

The statement, which drew attention to the fact that the Rojava Revolution is still in danger, continued with the following remarks:

"Even if ISIS has been defeated in northern Syria militarily, its fascist ideology is still alive. Jihadists in the regions occupied by Turkey are continuing to carry out war crimes and implement ethnic cleansing policies. Following the military aggression in Libya, South Kurdistan and Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkish war policy is once again turning to areas in northern Syria.”

The statement added: “The attack of the Turkish state, is actually part of a concept that aims at completely eliminating and destroying the Kurdish nation and Kurdistan in all four parts. The AKP-MHP is carrying out an all-out attack against the Kurdish people by getting other nationalist parties to work with it and thus establish a Turkish national consensus alliance. Now is the time for the Kurdish people to say ‘Êdî bese’, ‘Enough’ to this hostility."

The statement called on “our people should celebrate the anniversary of the glorious resistance of Kobanê in all 4 parts of Kurdistan, in the 7 continents of the world, and especially in Germany, in the spirit of national unity. As KON-MED, we call on the people of Kurdistan in 4 parts to unite and all democratic, left-socialist and revolutionary friends to join the struggle with the slogan "The Rojava Revolution is our common revolution - its defense is our common responsibility" on November 1, World Kobanê Day!”

KON-MED then listed the cities in Germany where demonstrations and actions will be held on the occasion of November 1, World Kobanê Day: