Hunger strike in Nuremberg on day 17

The hunger strike in the German city of Nuremberg continues on day 17, while a three-day hunger strike has been launched in the city of Lahr to protest the isolation of Abdullah Ocalan.

The hunger strike in Nuremberg continues on day 16 amid solidarity visits by the Kurds and their friends. The hunger strike initiated by Kurdish activist Şiyar Xelil, takes place at Medya People’s House.

In a conversation with the visitors, Şiyar Xelil told that the isolation imposed upon Ocalan should end and continued; “The hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Guven is an honorable action. Diyarbakır prison resistance has started again.”

Xelil stressed that the first and foremost need of the Kurds was not food or bread but Ocalan and invited everyone to join the resistance.

On the other hand, a three-day hunger strike was launched in the German city of Lahr on Saturday. The hunger strike is taking place at the Kurdish Democratic Society Center (DTKM) where five activists including four women are joining the action.

A statement made at the launch of the hunger strike action said; “As long as the isolation of Ocalan continues, we will stand with our comrades and support their action.”

The hunger strike is due to end on Monday evening.