Hunger striker Tatlı: We need a struggle network against isolation in Imrali

Gülgeş Tatlı, who is on hunger strike in Bünyan Women's Closed Prison, said that a struggle network should be established against the isolation in Imralı.

The rotating hunger strike, which was launched on 27 November to ensure the physical freedom of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is held in İmralı F Type High Security Prison, and to end the isolation imposed on him, continues on its 13th day. Prisoner Gülgeş Tatlı, who went on hunger strike in Kayseri Bünyan Women's Closed Prison, called for support for the hunger strikers.

Hatice Tatlı, who met with her sister in prison on 5 December, said that her sister was in the first group to go on hunger strike. Tatlı, who said that her sister had bullets and shrapnel in her arm, back and abdomen, added that her sister said that the hunger strike was vital, there was not a single minute to waste and everyone should do their part.

'Women's struggle will bring victory'

Noting that the pressure and cruelty in prisons continue to increase, Tatlı quoted her sister saying: “We will continue to resist in prison. Another leg of the resistance is those outside.

The isolation needs to be lifted immediately, and society need to mobilized for this. We will continue the resistance until the hunger strike gets results. The lawlessness in prisons is at a level where it harms human dignity. By resisting in prison, we have created a struggle network against these problems. It is impossible for us to accept the aggravated isolation that has continued since 1999. No person with the consciousness of honor, conscience and patriotism can accept this. If there is something that we do not accept and that disturbs our conscience, a struggle network should be created against it. We started this network from prison. There are hundreds of women on hunger strike in many prisons and in our prison. The struggle developed under the leadership of women will bring victory.”