Ilhan Sis to continue his indefinite hunger strike in Wales

Ilhan Sis, who is hunger strike in Galler for 28 days, stated that he will continue his action.

After reports that Öcalan met his brother in Imralı on Saturday, PKK and PAJK prisoners, as well as the hunger strikers in Strasbourg announced that they will continue their actions as yesterday’s family visit did not mean ending of the isolation, calling for Öcalan to be provided with free conditions of living and working immediately.

Ilhan Sis is on an indefinite and non-alternate hunger strike in Wales for 28 days demanding the end of the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Noting that the meeting was a source of great morale for the Kurdish people and all those joining indefinite and non-alternate hunger strikes, Sis also announced that he will still continue his action.

Sis said: “The statements made by the KCK administration, prisoners and the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative in Strasbourg following the reports of meeting, evaluated the 15 minutes long meeting to be as part of the AKP-MHP regime’s special war tactics implemented as they come up against a brick wall. For these reasons, I, like other activists, will also continue my indefinite and non-alternate hunger strike until the strict isolation is lifted.”