Imam Şiş: 150 days on hunger strike in Wales

The massive hunger strike protest of the Kurds, who demand an end to the absolute isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan, continues with determination.

Writing in Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, activist Sarah Glynn reminds that Imam Şiş has been on hunger strike for 150 days in Newport, Wales. 

Activist Sarah Glynn recalls in her article that "Imam Şiş has been 150 days without food in Newport, Wales."

Glynn argues that "the Kurdish freedom movement has gained a new strength. We can see it in the protests of the prisoners’ mothers, where every act of state repression steels Kurdish resolve. And we can see it outwith Turkey too. Despite mainstream indifference to a cause that muddies geopolitical ambitions, truth is leaking out."

Glynn adds that "the hunger strikers have raised their standard high so that it is impossible to ignore. But they cannot do much more. Now it is up to us – to the growing numbers who have been moved by their cause – to take up that standard and carry it forward."