International guests: The gates of Imralı gates should be opened

International guests from various countries who are attending the HDP congress in Ankara saluted the Kurdish people’s resistance and stressed that Erdoğan will lose. They called for access to Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan who is held in isolation.

The 4th Ordinary Congress of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is being held in Ankara to elect the co-chairs and central party officials of the party.

The congress is hosting guests from 28 countries including Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Cyprus, France, Galicia, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, Greece, Basque Country, Egypt, Italy, Catalonia, Denmark, Norway, England, Scotland, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Armenia and Iraq.

Internationalist guests of the congress addressed the participants.

Swedish Social Democratic Party MP Kadir Kasırga said; “This geography has seen much bloodshed and massacres. We call on those in the Palace and the government in Ankara to open the Gates of Imralı and start negotiations for peace.”

Tiny Kox from the Unified European Left Group stated; “I feel much home at this meeting. You are an inspiration for me and my friends struggling in European Left. Your struggle and every step you take is much appreciated and held in high esteem by the people who stand by us. Your struggle is our struggle. We value international solidarity. I know that you won’t step back how heavy the repression against you might be and I will convey this message of yours to my comrades once I am back.”

Kox continued; “As a representative of European Left, I call out to Erdoğan and Turkish officials. If you want to be a member of the EU, you must fulfill your responsibilities.”


European Free Alliance (EFA) President Lorena Lopez de Lacalle said the following; “I am here representing 46 parties from 19 European countries. We are a party that struggles for people’s self-determination. I have brought you greetings from Galacia, Corsica and the Basque Country. My first words will be for the women of this party. I salute your courage at difficult times, especially the women behind bars. I salute them because they are both politicians, activists and women. We salute your determination and resistance in the person of our friend Leyla Güven.”


People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Politburo Member Leila Khaled, who was loudly applauded as she took to the stage, said; “I have brought you greetings from our comrades in Palestinian prisons to your comrades who are resisting in prisons. I have brought greetings from Ahmet Saadet to Demirtaş, to Kışanak. I have brought greetings from PFLP member Halide Cerrar in Israeli prison to Öcalan in Imralı.”

Criticising the Turkish invasion of Syria, Khaled continued; “What is the Turkish army doing in Syria? Our children are dying. The peoples of Syria will triumph over Erdoğan. Long live Palestine, long live Kurdistan.”

Mamdouh Habashi from the Egyptian Socialist Party said; “I am very happy to see this scene here after the past popular movements we celebrated in Egypt. In Egypt, we are experiencing a kind of authoritarianism in almost all areas. You know very well what these dictatorships stand for. They come as a reflection of the imperialist system. You as the HDP chose to fight against this imperialism.”