Iraq protests: Three demonstrators killed in Karbala

During the ongoing protests in Iraq, three people were killed in Karbala during a demonstration in front of the Iranian consulate.

Yesterday, with the demand for a resignation of the government, people again took to the streets in many places in Iraq. In the city of Karbala, south of Baghdad, a protest in front of the Iranian consulate resulted in clashes. The security forces say demonstrators tried to set fire to the consulate building. A following armed attack claimed the lives of three demonstrators.

The protests of the Iraqi people are directed against both the Iraqi government and Iran, which is accused of keeping the corrupt system alive in its neighboring country. According to official figures, at least 260 people have died in the protests so far.

Meanwhile, Iraqi President Barham Salih has announced that he intends to introduce a draft for a new electoral law into parliament this week. The Iraqi parliament has been in session since last week. However, Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi, whose resignation the demonstrators are calling for, has not yet taken part in any parliamentary session.