Iraqi minister to be summoned to parliament over Turkey's attacks

A parliamentarian from the State of Law Coalition, Durxam Maliki, announced that Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein would be summoned to the parliament over the increasingly ongoing Turkish attacks.

Durxam Maliki from the State of Law Coalition stated that Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein would be summoned to the parliament to discuss Turkey's attacks on Iraqi territory, Rojnews reported on Thursday.

Accordingly, Maliki said that the parliament checked the official institutions properly and would continue to summon ministries.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Parliament established a special commission to investigate Turkey's use of chemical weapons. The commission is scheduled to head to the operation zone and conduct investigations there.


In the meantime, Iraqi parliamentarian Tayir Mexeyf spoke about the attacks of the Turkish state which, he said, have been going on for years, endangering civilian populations and causing serious casualties in the region.

The parliamentarian noted that Turkey’s attacks were a clear violation of the sovereignty of the Iraqi territory. “The attacks are against international law,” he underlined.

Mexeyf insisted that the Iraqi parliament and government should take the necessary measures. “To maintain the peace, security and sovereignty of Iraq, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs should formally file a complaint before the United Nations.”