Iraqi Parliament elects new President - UPDATED

The Parliamentary President was elected in the Saturday session of the Iraqi Parliament.

Iraqi MPs elected pro-Iran Mohammad Al Halbusi as the Parliamentary President once more. Vice Presidents were also determined in the session.

37 years old Halbusi was serving as a governor in the Anbar province until he was elected to the Parliament from a Sunni list in the elections on May 12.

Iraq has been in a political crisis since May 12. The country hasn’t been able to form a government yet.

Iraq has a system of proportional representation to prevent a return to dictatorship after the fall of the Saddam regime. Lists elected on May 12 have to come together and form coalitions. The block with the most MPs will be able to determine the Prime Minister and lead the forming of the future government.

Pro-Iran Hadi Al Amiri’s Fetih List having their own candidate elected as Parliamentary President has given this front a significant advantage.

Traditionally, the Parliamentary President would be Sunni and have one Shia and one Kurdish Vice President in Iraq. The Presidency also goes to Kurds, and the Prime Minister is Shia.

Halbusi ran against former Parliamentary President Usame El Nuceyfi and former Defense Minister Halid el Ubeydi. Ubeydi was also supported by current Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi’s list.