Italian defenders of democracy in solidarity with DEM Party and all those persecuted in Turkey

Italian administrators and politicians criticize the ever-increasing repression in Turkey, expressing solidarity with the deposed co-mayor of Hakkari and all those subject to injustice in Turkey and North Kurdistan.

A group of Italian administrators and politicians released a statement denouncing the latest wave of repression in Turkey.

The Italian personalities expressed strong concern about the persecution and the deposition of Mehmet Sıddık Akış, the democratically elected co-mayor of the Hakkari Municipality of the DEM Party (People's Equality and Democracy Party).

“Unfortunately, we know that he is not the first co-mayor in Turkish Kurdistan to be persecuted, indicted for terrorism and replaced with trusted figures of the Government of Erdoğan. Even in Van, Şırnak and Bitlis after the elections on March 31 this year, there were verified recounts or even failure to assign the office of Mayor always to the detriment of the DEM party,” said the statement, which further included the following: or 

“A scenario already seen after the 2019 elections therefore seems to be repeated, when “trusteeships” were imposed in 45 out of 65 municipalities governed by the HDP party (Peoples' Democratic Party).

As convinced defenders of human rights and democracy, we cannot turn away from facts like this in a country that increasingly takes a strategic role on the international stage and is even a candidate for the role of mediator between wars, but which continues to internally show very serious limitations in respect of the social freedoms and dignity of the Kurdish people.

Solidarity therefore with Memet Sıddık Akış and all those who are persecuted in Turkey and Kurdistan!”

The statement was signed by:

Emily Clancy - Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Bologna

Detjon Begaj - Bologna Civic Coalition Group Leader

Jacopo Rosatelli - Councilor for welfare, rights and equal opportunities Municipality of Turin

Alice Ravinale - Leader of the Left Ecologist Group in Turin

Amedeo Ciaccheri - President of the VIII Municipality of Rome

Marta Nalin - Leader of the Padua Civic Coalition