Jaysh Al-Thuwar retreats from Raqqa and goes to Afrin

Jaysh Al-Thuwar Official Spokesman announced the withdrawal of their forces from east of Euphrates and deployment in Afrin to join the Resistance of the Age.

Jaysh Al-Thuwar Official Spokesperson Ebu Amer Edlibi made a statement to the press in Raqqa city center alongside commander and fighters of Jaysh Al-Thuwar. Edlibi said; “People of Afrin and migrants from Shehba and Islib are being massacred. We will defend our people. We will provide support to the YPG.”

Ebu Amer Edlibi said they have three thousand fighters in Raqqa, adding; “We have sent a large part of the fighters to Afrin. There is no difference between the ISIS in Raqqa and the ISIS in Afrin. We are going to Afrin to save the people there from ISIS.”

Remarking that civilians who migrated from Shehba and Iblib are being massacred in Afrin in front of the whole world, Ebu Amer Edlibi said; “We will defend our people. We will provide support to the YPG and fight against the Turkish colonialism and gangs.”

Jaysh Al-Thuwar Official Spokesman added that they could return to Raqqa after saving Afrin.