Jonasson: Prerequisite for resumption of peace negotiations is release of Öcalan

Former Minister of Justice of Iceland, Ögmundur Jonasson, called on the Turkish state to end the Imrali isolation and return to the peace process.

Former Iceland Minister of Justice Ögmundur Jonasson spoke to ANF about the Imrali isolation and the importance of Abdullah Öcalan's freedom.

The precondition for peace talks is Öcalan's freedom

Pointing out that the Imrali isolation is unacceptable, Jonasson demanded freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and said that Abdullah Öcalan is the main actor in the solution of the Kurdish question. Jonasson said: "I think Öcalan's freedom will be important for the resumption of the peace process. I think it is very important to restart the peace process, which ended when Erdoğan closed the gates on Imrali island in 2015. I believe that the prerequisite for the resumption of peace talks is the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan."

Freedom of Öcalan is a vital issue

Jonasson added: "Öcalan and the Kurds have shown that they can overcome difficult situations and overcome war. But they can also handle peace. This peace is something that not only Turkey and the Kurds need, but also the Middle East. Therefore, it is now a vital issue to release Abdullah Öcalan from prison and bring him to the negotiation table. That's why we support the campaign demanding his release and the resumption of the peace process."

International forces should keep their commitments in Imrali

Underlining that the isolation in Imrali is unacceptable, Jonasson said: "Ending isolation in Imrali is also important for the international community that should uphold its commitments. Nobody is talking about Turkey's violation of Europe's basic human rights in Imrali. At the same time, no one disputes that the Nelson Mandela Rules adopted by the United Nations in 2015 were violated in Imrali. Therefore, it is important for the international community to abandon its double moral approach towards Imrali, just as it is important to end the isolation conditions in which Öcalan is kept."

Kurds will create a domino effect for the peace region

Former Minister Ögmundur said: "We are currently in a world that is on the verge of war, not only in Gaza, not only in Rojava, but in many places. I think a new beginning should be made starting with peace with the Kurds.

I think that peace between Turks and Kurds will create a domino effect in the region. I know that such a peace will lead to another peace and another. Similarly, a peace initiative that starts in Turkey will have its impact elsewhere."

Our common goal is the resume of peace negotiations

Ögmundur stated that the prerequisite for the resumption of peace talks could be possible by opening the gates of Imrali and continued: "The resumption of the peace process between Kurds and Turks is a common goal for all of us. Everywhere I travel in Kurdistan, whether in Turkey or in Iraqi Kurdistan, everyone says the same thing. The prerequisite for the resumption of these negotiations is for Abdullah Öcalan to sit at the negotiating table. And this is something I wholeheartedly support."