KCDK-E: AKP issues death orders in Germany

Pointing to calls in Germany for the murder of Kurds and other opposition members on behalf of the Turkish dictator Erdogan, the Kurdish association KCDK-E demands that the public and the German government take action.

On 13 January, AKP member of parliament Mustafa Açıkgöz called for the extermination of Kurds and members of the Gülen movement during an election campaign appearance in a mosque in Neuss belonging to the network of the extreme right-wing organisation "Grey Wolves".

"Just as we do not give them the right to live in Turkey, we will not give it to them in Germany. No matter where they flee to in the world, we will destroy the PKK and FETÖ terror supporters," Açıkgöz said verbatim. The AKP politician warned his audience in the mosque, saying, "These two groups are very dangerous. One is the PKK, godless enemies of religion. The other is the FETÖ, a vile terrorist organisation that wants to change, distort and Christianise the Muslim faith. You must be vigilant!"

To applause, Açıkgöz praised the treatment of Kurds and Gülen supporters in his own country: "We don't give them any space in Turkey. We have eradicated them." The AKP MP then promised to hunt down the Kurds and Gülen's followers in Germany as well. "With Allah's permission, we will pull them out of the holes they have crawled into all over the world and destroy them. You can count on that," he said.

The Kurdistan Democratic Societies Congress in Europe (KCDK-E) released a statement about the latest threats directed against Kurds in Germany. The KCDK-E noted that Kurdish organisations and opposition activists from Turkey have already informed the public and the authorities, especially in Germany and France, on several occasions about Turkish agent networks and plans for attacks in Europe.

"While the public and the media in Germany have taken up the issue and pointed out this danger, the German government and the authorities concerned have remained inactive. As a result, dictator Erdogan has become even more abusive and has openly threatened the Kurds and the opposition in Germany through AKP MP Mustafa Açıkgöz, who issued a death warrant at an open meeting in Neuss. Mustafa Açıkgöz gave greetings from Erdogan at the meeting and said that he had come within Erdogan's knowledge. That the death order against Kurds and opposition members comes from Erdogan is clear from the rest of his speech," said the KCDK-E.


The fact that it is possible to openly call for the murder of Kurdish and Turkish opposition figures in Erdogan's name in Germany is due to the failure of the respective federal governments to vigorously prosecute agents who have been exposed in the past, said the KCDK-E, citing the cases of Muhammed Taha Gergerlioğlu, Fatih Sayan and other agents of the Turkish state. The case against former Erdoğan advisor Gergerlioğlu and two of his associates, classified by a German court as a travelling senior officer of the Turkish intelligence service, was dropped in 2015 without a conviction in exchange for payment of 70,000 euros to the state treasury. Sayan, who, among other things, was involved in plans to assassinate KCDK-E co-chairman Yüksel Koç, was sentenced to a suspended sentence of two years for espionage in Hamburg in 2017 and subsequently went into hiding. Two preliminary proceedings against alleged spies of the Turkish intelligence service MIT were dropped without result. The proceedings were directed against 19 imams of the mosque umbrella organisation DITIB as well as against Mustafa K., who had been reported by the co-chair of the Hamburg Left Party, Cansu Özdemir, for planning attacks. "Because the German government is not fulfilling its responsibility, dictator Erdogan continues to give death orders through his gangs," KCDK-E stated.


After the attack on the Kurdish Cultural Centre in Paris on 23 December 2022, KCDK-E stated that the Turkish state had extended the war against the Kurdish people to the international arena. "In our statement, we informed the public that the deadly policy of the Turkish state had been carried to Europe and we urged the European countries, especially Germany and France, to take the necessary legal, political and security measures. Governments that do not take such precautions must realise that they are opening the door to further massacres of Kurds in Europe and encouraging the Turkish state to do so," the statement released today said.


The KCDK-E statement continued with the following appeal: "We call on the public, democratic and progressive institutions and the government of Germany to end the silence based on a dirty politics of interests regarding the Turkish agent networks and gang-like structures, to fulfil their tasks and to prevent murders of Kurds and other opposition members.

If the open threats are not stopped, the government will be responsible for future provocations and attacks in Germany. Such attacks can be prevented if the federal government and the relevant structures fulfil their responsibilities.

We would like to call on the media and the public in Germany to pay attention with regard to the network of agents set up by the Turkish state through mosques and other bogus institutions and to take action so that attacks like those in Paris do not take place in Germany."