KCDK-E calls for participation in solidarity actions with HDP

The Kurdish umbrella organization in Europe, KCDK-E calls for protest actions in many European countries against the attacks on the HDP and the closure case against it.

The largest Kurdish umbrella organization in Europe, (KCDK-E) calls for protest actions against the increasing attacks and the closure case against the Peoples' Democratic Party (HPD) in Turkey.

The call of the umbrella organization says: "The fascist AKP/MHP alliance stands exposed both in the country and on the international level. In the fear of its own downfall, it tries to ban the HDP, the representative of the Third Way and hope of the peoples, and to deprive the Kurdish, Turkish, Assyrian, Armenian, Laz, Circassian, Alevi, Yazidi, democratic Muslim population, the workers, the poor, of the representation of their will. For this reason, the regime has initiated a closure case against the HDP on the basis of contrived accusations. The AKP with its ISIS mentality and the fascist MHP have turned the country into an open prison. All those who do not think like them are intended to be silenced through repression, violence and massacres. To do this, the regime uses the dirtiest and most dictatorial methods and ignores all law and morality.

Thousands of political prisoners from the HDP

More than 10,000 HDP board members and activists have been arrested so far, including co-chairs, co-mayors, members of governing bodies and members. Across the country, 125,678 people have been dismissed by decree, 6,432 women have died as a result of violence (including patriarchal violence), and 1,532 people have been targeted for extrajudicial executions. 15 news agencies, 20 television stations, 25 radio stations, 70 newspapers, 20 magazines, and 29 publishing houses were banned. 1767 clubs, foundations, unions and associations were closed. A total of 822 academics were prosecuted, including 763 first signatories and 59 of the second signatories of the Call of Academics for Peace. Proceedings have been initiated against them for 'propaganda for a terrorist organization', 456,275 people faced investigation for 'membership in an armed terrorist organization', and there are 294,000 pre-trial detainees and convicts in 355 penal institutions. Of these, about 11,000 are women and 3,100 are juveniles. 780 children are detained in prisons with their mothers. According to a report released on January 20, 2020, 197 journalists, correspondents and editors were detained in 2019. There were 8,803 investigations and 831 arrests for comments on social media. A report by the Federation for Freedom of Expression (IFOD) said that by October 2019 alone, access to 36,216 websites had been blocked.

Despite all the repression, violence and arrests, the HDP remains the voice of all those who are marginalized and alienated by the government. The HDP is a voice that has not surrendered to fascism. That is why the fascist alliance of AKP and MHP wants to ban and thus silence the HDP, which has become the vanguard of the oppressed in all social segments. The regime wants to deprive society of its pioneers and perpetuate its fascism. The massacres in Konya and Izmir were a clear message that they are ready to use even the dirtiest methods in their policies directed against the HDP and against the Kurds.

"Standing up for the HDP means standing up for democracy"

The HDP is attacked because it is the voice and party of all those who want equality and freedom. All people in Kurdistan and Turkey, the opposition members, the victims of Erdoğan, are the focus of repression because of their beliefs, preferences, political views or way of life."

KCDK-E calls on all components of society to fight for democracy and defend the HDP against the "patriarchal, power-oriented system," concluding, "Standing up for the HDP means defending freedom and democracy. Therefore, everyone, whether they voted for the HDP or not, should raise the voice of democracy against fascism and stand in solidarity with the HDP.

As KCDK-E we call on all victims of the system from Kurdistan and Turkey, those who have been displaced because of their beliefs or political opinions or identity, all those who consider themselves revolutionary, democratic, intellectual, feminist or environmental, all victims of AKP/MHP fascism to join the protests organized by the Alliance of Democratic Forces in Europe (ADGB) on September 18."

KCDK-E's action plan is as follows:



Place: Düsseldorf-DGB Haus

Time: 14:00


Place: Mainz HBF

Time: 14:00


Place: Stuttgart, Schillerplatz

Time: 14:00


Place: Nürnberg, Lorenzkirce

Time: 15:00


Place: Platz Alte Synagoge

Time: 17:30


Place: Altona, Goetheplatz

Time: 15:00


Place: Hermannplatz

Time: 17:00


Place: Johannis Platz

Time: 14:00


Place: Oldenburg, HBF

Time: 16:00


Place: Georgsplatz Hannover

Time: 16.00




Time: 14:00

Place: République Square


Time: 16:00

Place: Place du Colombier


Time: 17. 00

Place: Canebière


Time: 19.00

Place: Grand Théâtre


19 September, Sunday

Time: 14:00

Place: Jean Jaurès



Place: Pavilion Nationalquai, 6006

Time: 15:30


The Hague

Time: 15.00

Place: Hofplaats



Place: Bloor & Yonge

Time: 18:00



Time: 16.00

Place: Museumsquartier (Platz der Menschenrechte)



Time: 13.00

Place: Norrabantorget


Time: 13.00

Place: Brunnsparken



Time: 15.00

Place: Narinkkatori, Kamppi



Place: Picadelly Circus

Time: 15.00