KCDK-E calls for protests against Turkish invasion of Metina

The Kurdish European association KCDK-E is calling for protests against the Turkish invasion of the region of Metina in northern Iraq.

The Kurdish European association KCDK-E is calling for protests against the Turkish invasion of Metina. The mountainous region in South Kurdistan/northern Iraq is the target of the large-scale invasion against the PKK guerrillas in the Medya Defense Areas long announced by the Erdoğan government and has been attacked extensively from air and with artillery guns in the last few days.

“The Turkish state, contrary to the attitude demonstrated by millions of people in the local elections on 31 March, launched an occupation attack on Metina together with the KDP in order to keep its declining government in power,” said the KCDK-E in its call for action. "In doing so, Turkey is once again showing its hostility towards the Kurds. The invasion targets the values, future and achievements of the Kurdish people. The KDP, as loyal allies of the fascist Turkish nation-state, insists on betrayal."

The KCDK-E added: "Kurdistan was divided in the 20th century because the Kurds were unorganized and didn’t act in a united way. The past teaches us that the Turkish colonial state also distrusts the collaborating Kurds. They were killed as soon as the uprisings were suppressed. The Kurdish people are now strong and organized enough to fight for their freedom in the 21st century."

The KCDK-E said that the Turkish state failed against the Kurdish struggle for freedom and therefore supported the ISIS campaign in Kurdistan. "Because this strategy failed, the state relied on an all-out war, but this also failed. Now it wants to achieve its goal with collaborators. The attack on the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas launched with the support of the KDP is directed against the values of the entire Kurdish people and endangers the autonomous status of the Kurdistan region in Iraq. We call on everyone to defend the future and interests of the Kurdish people and to raise their voices against the occupation attacks accompanied by massacres everywhere."