KCDK-E: Let's All join the Peace Meeting of 1 September!

KCDK-E Co-Presidency Council issued a statement and call "on all our people, women, young, workers, to join the World Peace Day on 1September"

The European Democratic Kurdish Society Congress  (KCDK-E) Co-Presidency Council said that "the genocidal AKP-MHP state, which seized the municipalities with a political coup, wants to forcibly take away the powers of the elected representatives and is thus violating the will of our people."

The statement added: "The AKP-MHP fascism is being challenged by the common struggle of our people and the forces of democracy. The fascist bloc they have formed is cracking."

The statement continued: "In Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, our people, friends and democracy forces all over the world take part in this determined resistance."

The KCDK-E called on "all our people to join the rallies to be held on 1 September, World Peace Day. Let's join the rallies for a just peace and a dignified life and for democracy."