KCDK-E: The time has come to end isolation and free Öcalan!

The KCDK-E welcomes the “End Isolation, Fascism, Occupation. Time to Ensure Freedom" Initiative that will begin tomorrow, Sunday and call on everyone to join the demonstrations and actions planned.

In a written statement, the KCDK-E co-presidential board said: "Rêber [President] Öcalan has been held hostage in the Imralı Island for 22 years. The isolation imposed on Önder Öcalan is being applied against the entire Kurdish people by the state with all its devices. Maintaining the isolation system aims at the genocide of the Kurdish people.”

The statement added: “The Turkish Republic, built on the denial of the Kurds and other peoples, implements revenge, genocide and massacre. The AKP-MHP fascism is based on hostility against the Kurdish people and continues the genocide by carrying out the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people, Öcalan. Önder Öcalan is the guarantee of freedom and peace for the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East. It has become a hope for the peoples of the world with its libertarian, democratic and egalitarian ideas.”

The KCDK-E said: “To defend Önder Öcalan is to defend humanity. We call on humanity to actively struggle against this genocidal policy. We salute the call for the initiative titled “End Isolation, Fascism, Occupation. Time to Ensure Freedom", and call on the people of Kurdistan living in all countries of the world and Europe to active resistance. On this occasion, we call for a mass participation in the marches and demonstrations to be held on September 12 in Europe, Australia and Canada with the motto "THE TIME HAS COME".