Kışanak: Our hopes are stronger than ever

Kurdish politician Gültan Kışanak put emphasis on AKP policies and efforts to purge a political party that received six million votes.

Gültan Kışanak, co-mayor of Amed Metropolitan Municipality who is held captive by the Turkish regime in Kocaeli No.1 F-type high security prison, wrote a letter addressing all those who sent letters to her from across Europe.

The letter written by Kışanak reads as follows:

“Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you very much for your friendship and solidarity. Since the first day of my imprisonment, you haven’t left me alone even one day. I would like to tell you that getting postcards mentioning friendship and solidarity messages from you gives strength and cheers us up.

We are having a rough time. A political party which received six million of votes is now intended to be purged in defiance of all democratic values which are heritages of humanity. By our imprisonment, all society and especially women are being threatened. We are aware of this, but those who keep us hostage, are not aware of the fact that women took an irreversibly long distance toward the freedom of women.

In this prison, we are ten women friends who are former MPs and Mayors. T-type prisons consist of cells with the capacity of 3 persons. Therefore, maximum three of us can stay together in the same cell.

We are all very well. Our hopes for freedom, democracy and peace are stronger than ever. It is very important for us to know the existence of our friends who protect democratic values, that we paid a price for, all over the world. I believe that we will overcome this though time through friendship, solidarity and struggle.

I am imprisoned since 25th October, 2016. In my person, Amed people’s right to participation in administration has been usurped.

Amed is a city with around two million population and doesn’t have an elected administration for two years now. An appointed person is governing the city.

The judgement process of the file that I am sued for is still ongoing but I was never taken to join a court hearing. A trial in absentia is ongoing. Political party activities, speeches given in press and political meetings, which are within framework of freedom of thought, are all considered as subjects for accusation and charge. The next trial will be held on October 2018. I will insist on joining the trial but I still don’t know whether I will be taken to the trial or not.

I know that all my friends who sent me postcards for solidarity, will accept my letter as a reply to each of them. I would like to thank you all; I share my hopes, for creating a better future and a better world, with you all.

Hoping to see you in free future...”